NSFC and Others

NSFC: National Natural Science Foundation of China
ITF: Innovation and Technology Fund
AFCD: Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department
ECF: Environment and Conservation Fund
HMRF: Health and Medical Research Fund
FEHD: Food and Environmental Hygiene Department
RFCID: Research Fund for the Control of Infectious Diseases (Hong Kong)

PI Project Title Funding Funding Amount Start date End date
ZHUANG Xiaohong 植物自噬途徑的膜運輸調控機制 NSFC RMB2,000,000 2022 2025
HUI Ho Lam, Jerome Field trial of horseshoe crab monitoring in Hong Kong using environmental DNA technique AFCD HK$1,399,999 2018 2019
HUI Ho Lam, Jerome Population structure and identify genetic markers for conservation of incense tree AFCD HK$1,399,993 2018 2019
HUI Ho Lam, Jerome Development of environmental DNA (eDNA) protocol for horseshoe crabs ECF HK$499,680 2018 2020
HUI Ho Lam, Jerome Evolution of the special regeneration abilities of three marine cnidarians (jellyfish, coral, and sea anemone) and their situations in Hong Kong waters TUYF Charitable Trust HK$3,231,193 2018 2021
LAM Hon-Ming / HE Junxian 植物抗逆的基因組學和機理研究 National Key Research and Development Program – Key Innovative and Collaborative Science and Technology Scheme for Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan RMB980,000 2018 2019
LIM Boon-Leong, Wallace Real-time measurement of NADPH in plant cells NSFC RMB600,000 2018 2019
LIM Boon-Leong, Wallace Investigation of a novel protein that interacts with TOC and TOM receptors Science, Technology and Innovation Commission of Shenzhen Municipality – Basic Research Program RMB$300,000 2018 2020
LUO Haiwei Evolution of Anaerobic Metabolic Genes in Marine Roseobacters NSFC RMB680,000 2018 2021
LUO Haiwei Environmental features and life evolution in hadopelagic waters National Key R&D Program of China (Sub-project leader) RMB1,453,600 2018 2021
NGAI Sai Ming (Co-PI) Evolution of the special regeneration abilities of three marine cnidarians (jellyfish, coral, and sea anemone) and their situations in Hong Kong waters HMRF HK$3,231,193 2018 2021
YIP Wing Kin Agrobiotechnology for improving plant growth and crop yield (Co-PI: LIM Boon Leong) ITF HK$2,300,000 2017 2019
LUO Haiwei Genomic analysis of coral associated bacteria in Hong Kong waters Hong Kong Environment and Conservation Fund HK$998,673 2017 2019
HUI Ho Lam, Jerome Provision of Zika virus surveillance programme in mosquitoes FEHD HK$487,830 2017 2018
HUI Ho Lam, Jerome Distribution and current infection status of African schistosomiasis transmitting snails in Hong Kong HMRF HK$99,799 2016 2017
LUO Haiwei Genomic diversity of marine planktonic Rosebacters and the underlying ecological and evolutionary mechanisms NSFC RMB816,000 2016 2019
NGAI Sai Ming The roles of histone H3 PTMs and flavonoid pathway in soybean tissue culture upon salinity inducible genes ITC HK$119, 978 2016 2017
GUO Dianjing 等离子体技术诱变培育新型环保用微生物的研究 Shenzhen Science and Technology fund for basic research RMB300,000 2015 2016
HUI Ho Lam, Jerome Biology of the understudied jellyfish – Why are only some jellyfish edible? TUYF Charitable Trust HK$1,580,000 2015 2018
HUI Ho Lam, Jerome Understanding the diversity of body plans in arthropods: appendage formation in crustaceans TUYF Charitable Trust HK$2,037,000 2015 2018
KANG Byung-Ho Development of carbon metabolism engineering biotechnology to improve yield of crop plants Rural Development Administration of the Republic of Korea HK$1,700,000 2015 2019
KWAN Kin Ming Investigation on ataxia disorder by using a novel genetically-modified mouse model HMRF HK$980,000 2015 2017
ZHONG Silin Development of a plasma-based plant growth light for agricultural use Innovation & Technology Fund’s Innovation & Technology Support Programme Tier 3 HK$1,390,350 2015 2016
HE Junxian Genomic studies on drought tolerance mechanisms of typical desert plants in Heihe watershed SZ Science & Technology Innovation Commission – SZ R & D Funds of Science and Technology RMB 300,000 2014 2015
ZHANG Jianhua Network pathways and its mechanisms of IHR1 in integrating the ABA modulation for maintaining primary root elongation under water stress The Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) Major Research Plan RMB2,000,000 2014 2015
JIANG Liwen Croucher Summer Course ‘Cell and Developmental Biology’ Croucher Foundation HK$1,800,000 2013 2018
CHAN Ting Fung A single DNA molecule detection platform for pathogen typing and identification HMRF HK$859,340 2012 2014
HE Junxian Genomic study of drought tolerance mechanisms in desert plants NSFC RMB3,000,000 2012 2015
JIANG Liwen Molecular Mechanisms of Yield and Abiotic Stress Tolerance in Rice Croucher Foundation HK$1,250,000 2012 2015
ZHANG Jianhua Shenzhen Engineering Laboratory for Vegetable Molecular Biotechnology (Co-PI: YU Weichang, HE Junxian, TAN Baocai, GUO Dianjing) Shenzhen Government RMB 5,000,000 2012 2014
ZHANG Jianhua Mechanism and regulation in enhancing crop water use efficiency (Group leader) Ministry of Science and Technology, the National Basic Research Program of China (973 Program) RMB 6,000,000 2012 2017
ZHANG Jianhua Peacock Innovation Program Applied research of plant molecular biotechnology on modern agriculture (Co-PI: SUN Sai Ming, Samuel, JIANG Liwen, YU Weichang, HE Junxian, TAN Baocai) Shenzhen Government, The Peacock Scheme (Overseas Talents Innovation & Entrepreneurship Funding Scheme) RMB30,000,000 2012 2017
CHAN Ting Fung Transcriptome analysis of the multidrug-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii by a strand-specific RNA-sequencing approach RFCID HK$918,592 2011 2013
CHAN Ting Fung A high performance computing solution to enable bioinformatics research ITF HK$1,142,180 2011 2012
ZHANG Jianhua Partial Rootzone Irrigation (PRI) Water Saving Technique Training Pilot Project in the arid areas of Gansu Province Kadoorie Charitable Foundation RMB1,030,800 2011 2013
JIANG Liwen Protein trafficking and organelle biogenesis Croucher Foundation HK$512,800 2010 2015
LIM Boon-Leong 能够提高农业、林业及生物能源产值的平台科技 ITF HK$998,000 2009 2011
SUN Sai Ming, Samuel Identification and mechanistic study of genes related to crop yield, nutrition and stress tolerance National Major Transgenic Project RMB 3,500,000 2009 2012
ZHANG Jianhua, XIA Yiji Using functional genomics technology to study the molecular mechanism of plant adaptation to water stress and improvement of crop water use efficiency Hong Kong Baptist University Foundation HK$3,650,000 2009 2012
JIANG Liwen Plant Cells As Bioreactors For Pharmaceuticals National High-tech R&D Program (863 Program) RMB1,000,000 2008 2010