– Collaborative Research Fund

PI Project Title Funding Amount Start date End date
Xia Yiji NAD capping of RNA: mechanism and functions HK$8,100,000 2023 2026
Jiang Liwen The First Integrated State-of- the-Art Live Cell Imaging Platforms to Timely Promote Interdisciplinary and Advanced Life Sciences Research in Hong Kong and Beyond HK$10,000,000 2022 2025
Jiang Liwen Vacuole Biogenesis, Dynamics and Functions in Plants HK$6,400,000 2021 2024
Jiang Liwen The First Integrated State-of-the-Art Sample Preparation System for Cryo-Electron Microscopy/Tomography Analysis to Promote Advanced Cellular and Structural Biology Research in Hong Kong HK$7,439,308 2020 2023
Xia Yiji Non-canonical NAD-capped RNAs in Arabidopsis: mechanisms of capping and decapping and molecular and physiological functions HK$6,087,995 2020 2023
Chan Ting Fung A nanochannel-based next-generation mapping system for the study of complex genomic feature and variation for biotechnological and biomedical applications HK$2,173,431 2019 2022
Wong Kam Bo A state-of-the-art X-ray diffraction facility for structural biology research in Hong Kong HK$2,306,960 2019 2022
JIANG Liwen Molecular Mechanisms of Autophagy and Autophagosome in Plants HK$7,209,550 2018 2021
JIANG Liwen The First Integrated cryo-EM and cryo-ET Shared Facility for Life Sciences Research in Hong Kong (Equipment grant) HK$$9,500,000 2017 2020
JIANG Liwen EXPO and Autophagosome in Plants HK$8,360,000 2015 2018
JIANG Liwen EXPO (Exocyst-positive Organelle): Dynamics, Biogenesis and Function in Plants HK$7,356,000 2012 2015
LAM Hon Ming Genomic and Molecular Studies of a Salinity Tolerance Locus in the Wild Soybean Genome HK$8,035,050 2012 2015
XIA Yiji Identification of redox-sensitive proteins and characterization of their functions in regulating the oxidative stress response in Arabidopsis HK$5,000,000 2011 2014