– General Research Fund

PI Project Title Funding Amount Start date End date
CHYE Mee Len Interactions of plant acyl-CoA-binding proteins with lipids and/or protein partner HK$730,215 2018/11 2020/1
HE Junxian Mechanisms by which brassinoteroids regulate plant photomorphorgenesis through GATA and MYB transcription factors HK$1,250,000 2018 2021
JIANG Liwen Lipid binding proteins in Arabidopsis thaliana HK$89,600 2018 2019
JIANG Liwen Molecular Mechanisms of Autophagosome-Endosome/Vacuole Fusion in Plants HK$1,138,050 2018 2020
LAM Hon-Ming (NGAI Sai Ming as Co-PI) Possible roles of a plant ribosome-associated protein on translational regulation HK$1,034,257 2018 2020
LUO Haiwei Roseobacter Genome Content Diversification in a Heterogeneous Ocean HK$848,714 2018 2020
NGAI Sai Ming (Co-PI) Good-chop, bad-chop? Defining the activities of calpain-like cysteine proteases from oral Actinomyces bacteria HK$966,838 2018 2021
TSANG Suk Ying, Faye The role of TRPC7 channels in regulating the functions and maturation of embryonic stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes HK$854,494 2018 2020
WONG Kam Bo How SH3P2 interacts with ATG8 in the autophagosome biogenesis in Arabidopsis HK$1,274,389 2018 2020
WONG Wing Tak, Jack PPARdelta activation attenuates endothelial inflammation by upregulating miR-181b HK$1,213,098 2018 2020
XIA Yiji Defining molecular and biological functions of Arabidopsis DXO, a protein that removes the non-canonical NAD cap from RNA HK$1,162,300 2018 2021
ZHANG Jianhua Molecular mechanism of sensing moisture by rice coleorhiza during germination HK$1,220,589 2018 2020
ZHONG Silin Pan-epigenome Analysis of Fruit Ripening HK$1,278,357 2018 2020
CHYE Mee Len Characterization of a fungal-inducible rice acyl-CoA-binding protein [17109917M] HK$963,344 2017.09 2020.08
He Juxnian Functional study of a new MYB-like transcription factor in secondary cell wall formation in Arabidopsis HK$ 1,072,550 2017 2019
JIANG Liwen Molecular mechanisms of FREE1 functions in Arabidopsis thaliana HK$1,384,395 2017 2019
LAM Hon Ming Characterization of soybean multidrug and toxin extrusion (MATE) transporters that regulate the accumulation of flavonoid phenolic metabolites in soybean seeds HK$1,181,200 2017 2019
NGAI Sai Ming (Co-I) Investigation of migration defects, and roles of cadherin-19 in sacral neural crest cells using a Sox10 mutant mouse model of human Hirschsprung’s disease HK$721,050 2017 2018
NGAI Sai Ming (Co-I) Characterization of soybean multidrug and toxin extrusion (MATE) transporters that regulate the accumulation of flavonoid phenolic metabolites in soybean seeds HK$1,181,200 2017 2019
NGAI Sai Ming (Co-I) MicroRNA flanking sequence: a novel target for studying microRNA arm switching? HK$651,203 2017 2019
TAI Pui Kuen Amos Effects of agricultural nitrogen emission and deposition on air quality and climate through biogeochemical and vegetation feedbacks HK$540,824 2017 2019
TSANG Suk Ying The role of TRPV1 channels in regulating the functions of embryonic stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes HK$893,792 2017 2019
WONG Kam-Bo How the C-terminal vacuolar sorting determinant (ctVSD) of plant storage proteins is recognized by sorting receptors HK$1,124,086 2017 2019
WONG Wing Tak Cardiovascular Calcium Signaling Pathway: Role in Health and Disease HK$250,000 2017 2018
ZHANG Jianhua Use transcriptome analysis to uncover the genetic distinction between superior and inferior rice spikelets of different grain filling efficiency HK$760,796 2017 2019
ZHONG Silin Use the ripening gas ethylene and tomato as a model to investigate the molecular mechanism of tissue-specific hormone signaling HK$1,320,363 2016 2019
LAM Hon Ming Site-directed mutagenesis to delineate the interactions of a plant regulator which loves to interact HK$1,306,718 2016 2018
TAI Pui Kuen, Amos Factors controlling the temporal variability of East Asian dust: implications for air quality and climate through ocean biogeochemical feedback HK$501,255 2016 2018
HUI Ho Lam, Jerome Regulation of the biosynthesis of sesquiterpenoids by microRNAs in arthropods HK$600,000 2016 2017
NG Wang-Kit, Danny Regulation and functional role of Arabidopsis miR163 and its targets in plant defense HK$565,370.00 2015 2017
TAI Pui Kuen, Amos Impacts of ozone-mediated ecosystem changes and biogeochemical feedbacks on air quality and climate HK$1,158,901 2015 2017
XIA Yiji The Arabidopsis redox-sensitive bZIP68 protein: Does it function as a redox sensor in the oxidative stress response? HK$1,139,600 2015 2017
CHAN Ting Fung Integrative analyses of RNA-sequencing, bioinformatics and biological studies to define cancer-associated long intergenic noncoding RNAs in hepatocellular carcinoma HK$749,433 2014 2017
LAM Hon Ming The roles of the soybean Rj2/Rfg1 protein in the interaction with the rhizobial bacterium Sinorhizobium fredii HK$878,400 2014 2017
ZHONG Silin Epigenome reprogramming and chromatin accessibility during tomato fruit development HK$1,542,740 2014 2017
JIANG Liwen Molecular mechanisms of Golgi targeting and Golgi retention of endomembrane proteins (EMPs) in eukaryotic cells HK$848,712 2014 2016
JIANG Liwen Ethylene-induced Subcellular Re-distribution of EIN2 and Its Functional Implications HK$400,000 2014 2016
NG Wang-Kit, Danny Mechanism of WRKY factors-mediated defense and heterosis in Arabidopsis polyploids HK$617,353.00 2014 2016
TSANG Suk Ying, Faye The role of Angiotensin II and the underlying mechanisms in the regulation of calcium transients in embryonic stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes HK$744,788 2014 2016
XIA Yiji Extra Large G Protein 2 (XLG2) in Plant Immunity: What Is Its Molecular Mode of Action? HK$1,039,239 2014 2016
TSANG Suk Ying, Faye Role of transient receptor potential (TRP) channels in mediating cardiotrophin-1-induced cardiac differentiation in embryonic stem cells HK$28,600 2014 2015
CHYE Mee Len (Co-PI: Prof. E.C. Yeung University of Calgary, Canada) Arabidopsis acyl-CoA-binding proteins in plant growth and development HK$736,128 2013 2016
HE Junxian Function and mechanistic studies of brassinosteroid-induced anthocyanin biosynthesis under stress. HK$1,348,250 2013 2015
JIANG Liwen Molecular Characterization of Arabidopsis and Rice Secretory Carrier Membrane Proteins HK$1,150,000 2013 2015
KWAN Kin Ming Functional analysis of Foxp4 in exocrine pancreas development and homeostasis in mouse HK$850,000 2013 2016
LAM Hon Ming (Co-PI: CHYE Mee Len) Functional dissection of a novel C2-domain protein that regulates an unconventional G-protein in plants HK$1,125,842 2013 2016
LIM Boon-Leong Physiological function of a phosphatasedually targeted to the outer membranes ofchloroplasts and mitochondria HK$920,000 2013 2015
TSANG Suk Ying, Faye The role of TRPC3 in the regulation of calcium transients in embryonic stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes HK$650,000 2013 2016
TSANG Suk Ying, Faye The role of TRPC3 channels in the regulation of calcium transients in embryonic stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes HK$650,000 2013 2015
XIA Yiji Defining the role of two Nudix proteins,AtNUDT6 and AtNUDT7, in modulating thedefense pathway in Arabidopsis HK$1,830,800 2013 2015
ZHANG Jianhua (Co-PI:TAN Baocai) Functional analysis of Empty pericarp5 in maize seed development HK$890,000 2013 2015
ZHANG Jianhua (Co-PI:TAN Baocai) Functional Analysis of SMALL KERNEL 11 and Identification of its Interacting Proteins HK$736,000 2013 2016
CHAN Ting Fung In search of the missing heritability in complex diseases: whole-transcriptome analysis of type 2 diabetes using a strand-specific RNA-sequencing approach HK$784,020 2012 2015
CHYE Mee Len Roles of Arabidopsis acyl-CoA-binding proteins and protein interactors in plant lipid metabolism including cuticular lipid biosynthesis HK$1,432,894 2012 2014
JIANG Liwen Molecular Mechanisms of Vacuolar Turnover of Polytopic Membrane Proteins in the Plant Endomembrane Systems HK$1,020,000 2012 2014
XIA Yiji Defining the mechanism that regulates male gametogenesis and floral meristem determinacy by an E3 ubiquitin ligase in Arabidopsis HK$1,092,500 2012 2014
ZHANG Jianhua (Co-PI:TAN Baocai) Functional analysis of EMB15 in maize seed development HK$1,265,000 2012 2014
GUO Dianjing Probing The Molecular Function Of A Bhlh Protein In A.Annua Glandular Trichome Morphogenesis HK$1,150,000 2011 2014
HE Junxian Identify new regulators of brassinosteroid signaling and plant development through the bzr1-1D suppressor mutant screen in Arabidopsis HK$1,150,000 2011 2013
JIANG Liwen Molecular Characterization of Plant Exocytosis HK$3,220,000 2011 2014
KWAN Kin Ming Functional analysis of Foxp4 in Purkinje neurons of cerebellum in mice HK$1,133,900 2011 2013
LAM Hon Ming Using a unique recombinant inbred population and genomic sequencing information to map loci controlling important agronomic traits of soybean HK$2,070,000 2011 2013
LAM Hon Ming SUN Samuel SM Using a Unique Recombinant Inbred Population and Genomic Sequencing Information to Map Loci Controlling Important Agronomic Traits of Soybean HK$1,800,000 2011 2013
LIM Boon-Leong How does a purple acid phosphatase promote plant growth? HK$1,247,290 2011 2013
TSANG Suk Ying, Faye Characterization of PinX1 and a novel truncated form of PinX1: their role in maintaining the characteristics of embryonic stem cells HK$752,321 2011 2015
XIA Yiji Functional characterization of a redox-sensitive Anamorsin family protein in Arabidopsis HK$1,725,000 2011 2013
YIP Wing Kin Characterization and identification of mitochondrial cysteine/cystine transporter(s) involved in sulfide recycling during plant hormone ethylene biosynthesis HK$907,120 2011 2013
GUO Dianjing Roles of two regulatory proteins in artemisinin metabolism and trichome function HK$1,460,500 2010 2012
HE Junxian Identification of downstream signaling components in the brassinosteroid signal transduction pathway in Arabidopsis — Functional characterization of two BZR1-interacting proteins, BIP1 and BIP2 HK$1,086,405 2010 2011
JIANG Liwen Molecular Characterization Of Arabidopsis And Rice Vacuolar Sorting Receptor Proteins HK$1,783,000 2010 2012
KWAN Kin Ming Functional analysis of Sox9 in neural progenitor cells of cerebellum in mice HK$1,195,046 2010 2012
LAM Hon Ming The functional roles of GmSAL1 in enhancing stress tolerance via regulating the basal cytosolic calcium level HK$869,124 2010 2012
YU Weichang (Former member) Chromosomal adaptation during somatic hybridization and its application in chromosome transfer HK$1,061,910 2010 2012
ZHANG Jianhua Regulation mechanism of grain filling in inferior spikelets of super rice HK$1,150,000 2010 2012
ZHANG Jianhua (Co-PI: Tan Baocai) Genetic and functional dissection of Emb12 and Emb14 in maize embryo development HK$1,724,595 2010 2012
CHAN Ting Fung Revisiting co-evolution theory of the genetic code from a whole-genome perspective: potential applications in synthetic biology HK$709,264 2009 2011
CHYE Mee Len Investigations on stress-inducible Arabidopsis acyl-CoA binding proteins HK$855,392 2009 2010
JIANG Liwen Biogenesis of plant multivesicular prevacuolar compartment HK$1,192,567 2009 2011
KWAN Kin Ming Functional analysis of Smad genes in granule neurons of cerebellum in mice HK$1,064,049 2009 2011
LAM Hon Ming The roles of a novel G-protein binding protein in plant defense response HK$990,465 2009 2010
YU Weichang (Former member) Construction of rice artificial chromosomes HK$987,904 2009 2011
ZHANG Jianhua Regulation of the sensitivity of stomatal movement to root signal HK$659,980 2009 2010
CHAN Ting Fung Identification of genetic polymorphisms modulating natural variation in mRNA splicing in the human genome HK$1,348,616 2008 2011
JIANG Liwen Molecular Study of Plant Endocytosis HK$1,408,404 2008 2010
KWAN Kin Ming Functional Analysis of Lhx1 and Lhx5 in Purkinje Neurons of Cerebellum in Mice HK$1,146,611 2008 2010
TSANG Suk Ying, Faye Directed Differentiation of Human Embryonic Stem Cells into Cardiac Lineage and the Molecular Mechanisms Involved HK$1,136,464 2008 2011
YIP Wing Kin Molecular studies on two components OASS and SAT of rice cysteine synthase complex and cysteine regeneration during ethylene biosynthesis HK$558,965 2008 2010
YIP Wing Kin The study of plant hormone interactions on growth, development and physiological responses using ACC synthase gene suppression mutants in tomatoes. HK$801,613 2008 2009
ZHANG Jianhua Application of partial rootzone irrigation on cotton production in the oases of arid area HK$994,406 2008 2010