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#Indicated affiliation to State Key Laboratory of Agrobiotechnology (CUHK)

(a) Journal

With SKL affiliation Professor Author, title, journal name, year of publication and page number IF Rank in Category
1 Yes CHAN Ting Fung Tse, A.C., Li, J.W., Wang, S.Y., Chan, T.F., Lai, K.P. and *Wu, R.S. (2016). Hypoxia alters testicular functions of marine medaka through microRNAs regulation. Aquatic Toxicology 180, 266-273. 3.557 3/104 Marine & Freshwater Biology
2 Yes CHAN Ting Fung Yu, A.C., Chan, A.Y., Au, W.C., Shen, Y., *Chan, T.F. and *Chan, H.E. (2016). Whole-genome sequencing of two probands with hereditary spastic paraplegia reveals novel splice-donor region variant and known pathogenic variant in SPG11. Cold Spring Harbor Molecular Case Studies 2(6):a001248. N/A
3 Yes CHAN Ting Fung Leung, A.K., Kwok, T.P., Wan, R., Xiao, M., Kwok, P.Y., Yip, K.Y. and *Chan, T.F. (2016). OMBlast: alignment tool for optical mapping using a seed-and-extend approach. Bioinformatics 33(3): 311-319. 5.766 3/56 Mathematical and Computational Biology
4 Yes CHAN Ting Fung Tse, W.K., Li, J.W., Tse, A.C., Chan, T.F., Ho, J.C., Wu, R.S., Wong, C.K. and Lai, K.P. (2016). Fatty liver disease induced by perfluorooctane sulfonate: Novel insight from transcriptome analysis. Chemosphere 159: 166-177. 3.698 37/225 Environmental Sciences
5 Yes CHAN Ting Fung Lai, K.P., Li, J.W., Tse, A.C., Cheung, A., Wang, S., Chan, T.F., Kong R.Y. and Wu, R.S. (2016). Transcriptomic responses of marine medaka’s ovary to hypoxia. Aquatic Toxicology 177: 476-483. 3.557 3/104 Marine & Freshwater Biology
6 No CHAN Ting Fung Lai, K.P., Li, J.W., Chan, C.Y., Chan, T.F., Yuen, K.W. and Chiu, J.M. (2016). Transcriptomic alterations in Daphnia magna embryos from mothers exposed to hypoxia. Aquatic Toxicology 177: 454-463. 3.557 3/104 Marine & Freshwater Biology
7 No CHAN Ting Fung Wang, S.Y., Lau, K., Lai, K.P., Zhang, J.W., Tse, A.C., Li, J.W., Tong, Y., Chan, T.F., Wong, C.K., Chiu, J.M., Au, D.W., Wong, A.S., Kong, R.Y. and Wu, R.S. (2016). Hypoxia causes transgenerational impairments in reproduction of fish. Nature Communications 7:12114. 11.329 3/63 Multidisciplinary Sciences
8 Yes CHAN Ting Fung Li, J.W., Lin, X., Tse, A., Cheung, A., Chan, T.F., Kong, R.Y., Lai, K.P. and Wu, R.S. (2016). Discovery and functional characterization of novel miRNAs in the marine medaka Oryzias melastigma. Aquatic Toxicology 175:106-16. 3.557 3/104 Marine & Freshwater Biology
9 Yes CHAN Ting Fung Lau, M.C., Kwong, E.M., Lai, K.P., Li, J.W., Ho, J.C., Chan, T.F., Wong, C.K., Jiang, Y.J. and Tse, W.K. (2016). Pathogenesis of POLR1C-dependent Type 3 Treacher Collins Syndrome revealed by a zebrafish model. Biochimica Biophysica Acta (BBA) – Molecular Basis of Disease 1862(6): 1147-1158. 5.158 49/289 Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
10 Yes CHAN Ting Fung Shen, J., Tsoi, H., Liang, Q., Chu, E.S.H., Liu, D., Yu, A.C., Chan, T.F., Li, X., Sung, J.J.Y., Wong, V.W.S. and Yu, J. (2016). Oncogenic mutations and dysregulated pathways in obesity-associated hepatocellular carcinoma. Oncogene 35, 6271-6280. 7.932 15/213 Oncology

(b) Book Chapters / Books

With SKL affiliation Professor Book Chapter / Book
1 Yes LAM Hon Ming NGAI Sai Ming Munoz, N., Li, M.W., Ngai, S.M. & *Lam, H.M. (2016) Use of proteomics to evaluate soybean response under abiotic stresses. In “Abiotic and Biotic Stresses in Soybean Production”. M. Miransari (ed.). Academic Press, Oxford. pp79-105.
2 No CHYE Mee Len Lung, S.C. & Chye, M.L. (2016) Acyl-CoA-Binding Proteins (ACBPs) in Plant Development. Subcell Biochem. 2016; 86:363-404. doi: 10.1007/978-3-319-25979-6_15
3 No CHYE Mee Len Lung, S.C. and Chye, M.L. (2016). Acyl-CoA-Binding Proteins (ACBPs) in Plant Development. In “Lipids in plant and algae development” (ISBN 9783319259796) edited by Y. Nakamura and Y. Li-Beisson. Springer. Chapter 15, p. 363-404.
4 No CHYE Mee Len Xue, Y., Lung, S.C. and Chye, M.L. (2016). Present status and future prospects of transgenic approaches for drought tolerance. In “Drought Tolerance in Plants, Vol 2: Molecular and Genetic Perspectives” (ISBN 978-3-319-32421-0) edited by L-S. Tran, D.J. Burritt, M.A. Hossain, S.H. Wani,and S. Bhattacharjee. Springer, USA, Chapter 20, p. 549-569.
5 Yes KANG Byung Ho Kang, B.H. (2016). STEM Tomography Imaging of Hypertrophied Golgi Stacks in Mucilage-Secreting Cells, The Golgi Complex: Methods and Protocols, 1496:55-62
6 Yes KANG Byung Ho Davis, D.J., Kang, B.H., Heringer, A.S.., Wilkop, T.E. & Drakakaki, G. (2016) Unconventional Protein Secretion in Plants Unconventional Protein Secretion: Methods and Protocols, 1459:47-63