The Impact Factor (IF) of the journals are based on the 2013 ISI Web of Knowledge Journal Citation Report.
#Indicated affiliation to State Key Laboratory of Agrobiotechnology (CUHK)

(a) Journal

With SKL affiliation Professor Author, title, journal name, year of publication and page number IF Rank in Category
1 Yes CHAN Ting Fung Yu, C.S., Loo, J.F., Yu, S., Kong, S.K. & Chan T.F. (2014) Monitoring bacterial growth using tunable resistive pulse sensing with a pore-based technique. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 98(2):855-62. 3.811 32/165 Biotechnology & Applied Microbiology
2 No CHAN Ting Fung Lau, C.C., Sun, T.T., Ching, A. K., He, M., Li, J.W., Wong, A. M., Co, N. N., Chan, A. W., Li, P.S., Lung, R. W., Tong, J.H., Lai, P.B., Chan, H.L., To, K.F., Chan, T.F.* and Wong, N.* (2014). Viral-human chimeric transcript predisposes risk to liver cancer development and progression. Cancer Cell 25:335-349. (*Co-corresponding authors) 23.893 4/185 Cell Biology
3 No CHAN Ting Fung Chan, T.F., Ji, K.M., Yim, A.K., Liu, X.Y., Zhou, J.W., Li, R.Q., Yang, K.Y., Li, J., Li, M., Law, P.T., Wu, Y.L., Cai, Z.L., Qin, H., Bao, Y., Leung, R.K., Ng, P.K., Zou, J., Zhong, X.J., Ran, P.X., Zhong, N.S., Liu, Z.G. and Tsui, S.K. (2014). The draft genome, transcriptome, and microbiome of Dermatophagoides farinae reveal a broad spectrum of dust mite allergens. Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology. pii: S0091-6749(14)01366-9. doi: 10.1016/j.jaci.2014.09.031. [Epub ahead of print] 11.248 1/21 Allergy
4 Yes CHAN Ting Fung Yim, A.K., Yu, A.C., Li, J.W., Wong, A.I., Loo, J.F., Chan, K.M., Kong, S.K., Yip, K.Y. and Chan, T.F. (2014). The Essential Component in DNA-Based Information Storage System: Robust Error-Tolerating Module. Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology 6;2:49. N/A
5 No CHAN Ting Fung Lou, S., Lee, H.M, Qin, H., Li, J.W., Gao, Z., Liu, X., Chan, L.L.K., Lam, V., So, W.Y., Wang, Y., Lok, S., Wang, J., Ma, R.C., Tsui, S.K., Chan, J.C., Chan, T.F. and Yip, K.Y. (2014). Whole-genome bisulfite sequencing of multiple individuals reveals complementary roles of promoter and gene body methylation in transcriptional regulation. Genome Biology 15(7):408. doi: 10.1186/s13059-014-0408-0. 10.465 4/165 Biotechnology & Applied Microbiology
6 No CHAN Ting Fung Wang, W., Hui, J.H., Chan, T.F. and Chu K.H. (2014). De novo transcriptome sequencing of the snail Echinolittorina malaccana: identification of genes responsive to thermal stress and development of genetic markers for population studies. Marine Biotechnology (New York) 16(5):547-59. 3.152 8/103 Marine & Freshwater Biology
7 No CHAN Ting Fung Yu, A.C., Yim, A.K., Mat, W.K., Tong, A.H., Lok, S., Xue, H., Tsui, S.K., Wong, J.T. and Chan TF. (2014). Mutations enabling displacement of tryptophan by 4-fluorotryptophan as a canonical amino acid of the genetic code. Genome Biology and Evolution 6(3):629-41. 4.532 11/46 Evolutionary Biology
8 No CHAN Ting Fung Ma, R.C., Lee, H.M., Lam, V.K., Tam, C.H., Ho, J.S., Zhao, H.L., Guan, J., Kong, A.P., Lau, E., Zhang, G., Luk, A., Wang, Y., Tsui, S.K., Chan, T.F., Hu, C., Jia, W.P., Park, K.S., Lee, H.K., Furuta, H., Nanjo, K., Tai, E.S., Ng, D.P., Tang, N.L., Woo, J., Leung, P.C., Xue, H., Wong, J., Leung, P.S., Lau, T.C., Tong, P.C., Xu, G., Ng, M.C., So, W.Y. and Chan, J.C. (2014). Familial young-onset diabetes, pre-diabetes and cardiovascular disease are associated with genetic variants of DACH1 in Chinese. PLoS One 9(1):e84770. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0084770. eCollection 2014. 3.534 8/55 Multidisciplinary Sciences
9 No CHAN Ting Fung Hu, X., Wong, T.K., Lu, Z.J., Chan, T.F., Lau, T.C., Yiu, S.M. and Yip, K.Y. (2014). Computational identification of protein binding sites on RNAs using high-throughput RNA structure-probing data. Bioinformatics [Epub ahead of print] 4.621 4/52 Mathematical & Computational Biology
10 No CHAN Ting Fung Li, J.W., Lai, K.P., Ching, A.K. and Chan, T.F. (2014). Transcriptome sequencing of Chinese and Caucasian population identifies ethnic-associated differential transcript abundance of heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein K (hnRNPK). Genomics 103(1):56-64. 2.793 51/165 Biotechnology & Applied Microbiology