Prof. Hon-Ming Lam

Soybean genomics and functional genes identification; rice disease resistance and signaling

Prof. Liwen Jiang
Deputy Director

Plant cell biology; protein targeting; organelle biogenesis and biotechnology

Dr. Lucia Pui-Shan Liu
Assistant Director

Research planning; financial control; administration and management

Prof. Ting-Fung Chan
Associate Professor

RNomics and bioinformatics

Prof. Dianjing Guo
Associate Professor

Plant secondary metabolism; bioinformatics; system biology and plant stress response

Prof. Junxian He
Associate Professor

Plant stress tolerance and signaling

Prof. Jerome Ho-Lam Hui
Associate Professor

Animal evolutionary and developmental biology and endocrinology, small RNA and gene regulation

Prof. Byung-Ho Kang
Associate Professor

Plant cell biology; 3D electron microscopy; Bio-imaging

Prof. Kin-Ming Kwan
Associate Professor

Developmental biology and genetics

Prof. Haiwei Luo
Assistant Professor

Microbial evolution and ecology, genomics

Prof. Danny Wang-Kit Ng
Assistant Professor

Genetic and epigenetic gene regulations; plant defense against pathogens; polyploidy and hybrid vigor

Prof. Sai-Ming Ngai
Associate Professor

Proteomics and bioinformatics; protein/peptide structural and functional studies; research and development on modern Chinese Medicine

Prof. Samuel Sai-Ming Sun (Founding Director)

Plant gene isolation, transformation, expression and regulation; plant bioreactior; rice genomics and molecular approaches to improve the yield and quality of important crop (rice)

Prof. Amos Pui-Kuen Tai
Associate Professor

Earth system, climate and atmospheric modeling; interactions between ecosystems, agriculture and the atmospheric environment

Prof. Faye Suk-Ying Tsang
Associate Professor

Genetic engineering and directed differentiation of animal embryonic stem cells

Prof. Jack Wing Tak Wong
Assistant Professor

Vascular and metabolic biology; Stem cell biology; Cardiovascular Regeneration

Prof. Kam-Bo Wong

Structure-function studies of proteins; NMR spectroscopy and X-ray crystallography; protein engineering

Prof. Silin Zhong
Associate Professor

Genomics and epigenetics; ethylene signaling and fruit development

Prof. Xiaohong Zhuang
Assistant Professor

Autophagy in plants and green algae;Lipid metabolism and membrane dynamics

Prof. Mee-Len Chye

Plant stress response and stress tolerance gene identification

Prof. Wallace Boon-Leong Lim
Associate Professor

Plant Energy Biology, photosynthesis, chloroplast and mitochondrial biology, plant omics biology

Prof. Yiji Xia

Redox signaling in stress responses, plant-pathogen interactions

Prof. Liming Xiong

Plant drought stress tolerance; stress signal transduction; gene regulation; plant biotechnology

Prof. Wing-Kin Yip
Associate Professor

Physiology and molecular biology of plant hormone ethylene

Prof. Jianhua Zhang

Plant physiology under environmental stresses; crop production under water-limited condition