Prof. Hon-Ming Lam

Soybean genomics and functional genes identification; rice disease resistance and signaling

Prof. Liwen Jiang
Deputy Director

Plant cell biology; protein targeting; organelle biogenesis and biotechnology

Dr. Lucia Pui-Shan Liu
Assistant Director

Research planning; financial control; administration and management

Prof. Ting-Fung Chan
Associate Professor

RNomics and bioinformatics

Prof. Dianjing Guo
Associate Professor

Plant secondary metabolism; bioinformatics; system biology and plant stress response

Prof. Junxian He
Associate Professor

Plant stress tolerance and signaling

Prof. Jerome Ho-Lam Hui
Associate Professor

Animal evolutionary and developmental biology and endocrinology, small RNA and gene regulation

Prof. Byung-Ho Kang
Associate Professor

Plant cell biology; 3D electron microscopy; Bio-imaging

Prof. Kin-Ming Kwan
Associate Professor

Developmental biology and genetics

Prof. Wilson Chun Yu Lau
Assistant Professor

Cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) of macromolecular machines; Structural biology; Drug and herbicide discovery through rational design

Prof. Haiwei Luo
Associate Professor

Microbial evolution and ecology, genomics

Prof. Sai-Ming Ngai
Associate Professor

Proteomics and bioinformatics; protein/peptide structural and functional studies; research and development on modern Chinese Medicine

Prof. Jacky Chi-Ki Ngo
Associate Professor

Structure-function studies of biological macromolecules; structure-based drug discovery; kinase-substrate interaction and phosphorylation

Prof. Samuel Sai-Ming Sun (Founding Director)

Plant gene isolation, transformation, expression and regulation; plant bioreactior; rice genomics and molecular approaches to improve the yield and quality of important crop (rice)

Prof. Amos Pui-Kuen Tai
Associate Professor

Earth system, climate and atmospheric modeling; interactions between ecosystems, agriculture and the atmospheric environment

Prof. Faye Suk-Ying Tsang
Associate Professor

Genetic engineering and directed differentiation of animal embryonic stem cells

Prof. Kam-Bo Wong

Structure-function studies of proteins; NMR spectroscopy and X-ray crystallography; protein engineering

Prof. Jack Wing Tak Wong
Associate Professor

Vascular and metabolic biology; Stem cell biology; Cardiovascular Regeneration

Prof. Silin Zhong
Associate Professor

Genomics and epigenetics; ethylene signaling and fruit development

Prof. Xiaohong Zhuang
Assistant Professor

Autophagy in plants and green algae;Lipid metabolism and membrane dynamics

Prof. Mee-Len Chye (HKU)

Plant stress response and stress tolerance gene identification

Prof. Pan Liao (HKBU)
Assistant Professor

Plant biochemistry, secondary metabolism, lipid metabolism, and biotechnology of valuable natural products

Prof. Wallace Boon-Leong Lim (HKU)
Associate Professor

Plant Energy Biology, photosynthesis, chloroplast and mitochondrial biology, plant omics biology

Prof. Peng Wang (HKU)
Assistant Professor

Plastid development, photosynthetic pigment metabolism, proteostasis, plant adaptation to climate change

Prof. Jin Wu (HKU)
Assistant Professor

Plant physiology ecology; High throughput phenotyping; Ecosystem modeling; Environmental remote sensing

Prof. Yiji Xia (HKBU)

Redox signaling in stress responses, plant-pathogen interactions

Prof. Liming Xiong (HKBU)

Plant drought stress tolerance; stress signal transduction; gene regulation; plant biotechnology

Prof. Jianhua Zhang (HKBU)

Plant physiology under environmental stresses; crop production under water-limited condition